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Contact Us. Choose Your Region:. Partner with us! Happiness is like fitness. People say they want to be fit, when in actuality everyone is already fit to some extent. Likewise, everyone is already somewhat happy.

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Both happiness and fitness levels exist along a continuum. Joy is the waves. Happiness is an emotional foundation of our lives, whereas joy ebbs and flows and is dependent on what occurs in our lives. Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

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Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. We, alone, control our thoughts, our words, and our actions. As a result, our habits, character, and destiny are never set in stone. You can become happier. Your current level of happiness is simply that—your current level of happiness.

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With money you can buy a house, but not a home. With money you can buy a clock, but not time. With money you can buy a bed, but not sleep. With money you can buy a book, but not knowledge. With money you can buy a doctor, but not good health, With money you can buy a position, but not respect.

With money you can buy blood, but not life, With money you can buy sex, but not love. The chief is the father, the medicine man is the channel of healing spirit, and the Clown represents the earthly son, who is laughable in his arrogant whims and aspirations.

Reminding people that challenges are a part of life and a necessary part of growth. Every day brings its own set of challenges, and the more challenges we successfully overcome, the more we develop the capacity for problem solving. We Indians, on the other hand, have sat together in front of the evening fires for thousands of years sharing and giving thanks for what we learned about ourselves that day as a result of Sacred Clowns taunting us.

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To become a happier person, realize that what you find upsetting about other people may actually be something within yourself that needs to be brought up, addressed, and healed. Your greatest tormentors are your mentors.

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  • They are your most Sacred Clowns. Designating problematic people as Sacred Clowns shifts your attitude from condemnation to gratitude. It liberates your mind to feel free and happy. It is a Sacred Clown that never goes away but that challenges us at every turn so we can improve and become even more connected The ego is a Sacred Clown.

    All too often we hear it telling us negative things about others and ourselves, and we either accept its statements or argue against them. However, if we remember that the ego is a Heyoka or Contrary speaking the mirror image of what is true, we can turn its comments around and find peace and happiness. It is the act of striving for something that makes us happy, because we are engaged and discovering more of what lies within us.

    Unhappy people think that difficulties are the universe picking on them. Happy people use their thoughts to reframe difficulties into challenges. They seek out what they can learn in difficult situations and how they can grow through them. Once you begin to think like a happy person, you will automatically change the way you speak and how you describe your experiences. You will begin to use words that reflect greater levels of enjoyment, compassion, and appreciation, and at the same time you will cease to complain and commiserate.

    Your mind now vibrates at a higher level and your words reflect your happier thoughts. Because being fit and being happy take a willingness to put forth effort, many people ignore both their fitness and their happiness levels. Unfortunately, these same people can then feel threatened by anyone who dares to break out and become either happy or fit, because it magnifies their lack of effort by comparison. Envy is a powerful drug. It is an anesthetic that numbs the pain of embarrassment. The word is thought to have its origin in the Aramaic language.

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    Unhappy people speak of weighty problems. Happy people speak of exciting challenges. Unhappy people say that no amount of effort will make a difference. Happy people express faith that an optimal outcome is possible. Happy people speak compassionately of the challenges a person must have experienced to result in his or her rude behavior.

    Unhappy people are affronted by the actions of other people. Happy people give thanks for the lessons they learn from the Sacred Clowns that show up in their lives. If venting about your problems made you happier, then the biggest complainers would be the happiest people—and we all know this is not true. Begin to think of all of your words as magic words. What you say is magic because it creates either the illusion that your life is enjoyable or that your life is miserable.

    The perspective people choose to adopt when telling a story is the single greatest determinant of their level of happiness. This feeling of being unlovable becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that continues into adulthood, manifesting itself in business failures, There are four attributes to the types of statements you want to make, and each begins with the letter P. Giving up books, movies, and television shows about painful subjects deactivates your pain-body, allowing you to feel happier.

    As a result, I tend to wake up at a higher level of happiness, making it easier to maintain and increase my happiness for the rest of the day. Research shows that if a person watches violent television and movies, he or she begins to take in violence as an acceptable norm. Instead, watch and read inspirational and uplifting media, hang around with happy people, and listen to upbeat music. Then honestly evaluate how you feel. If you feel happier, try it for another 10 days or so.

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    In all of my research on happiness, I have found that the one thing all experts agree upon is that making a list of things for which you are grateful is the best on-ramp to the expressway to happiness. Running may have been a struggle for 30 minutes each morning, but for the rest of the day I felt great.

    Rewards build cravings, which cause us to adopt new routines to cues. Adversity: Identify what adverse circumstance occurred. In one sentence specify what triggered you. Belief: Write down what you believe resulted from what happened.