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On either side of the throne a golden seat of honour was placed, one for Gad the seer, and the other for Nathan the prophet.

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In front of it was a lamp of gold, with its snuffers and censers and other appurtenances; and on one side of this lamp were seen in sculptured work the seven patriarchs of the world, viz. The ascent to the throne was made between these animals.

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As soon as Solomon placed his foot on the first step he turned round, and the lion immediately stretched out its paw on the right and the eagle its talon on the left. Upon these he leaned, and was spared the trouble of ascending himself because the same thing was done by the different animals and.

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A serpent of gold then encircled him, and, having seated him upon his throne, crept down beneath his feet. The eagles, nestling on the vines after wafting breezes of perfume with their wings, placed the crown upon his head, and, this done, all the beasts and birds with one accord exclaimed, 'Long may the kingdom of the house of David be established.

I've often imagined Asriel being Jojo muscular and tall and stuff because of his dad too. It's cool. I'm always doing misinterpretations of stuff because my imagination is so big.

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Sometimes, I get too imaginative, imagine obstinate moral stuff to situations with friends, write stories that take fantastical proportions instead of the original Like Undertale: Afterlife , sometimes I even get really scared, freak out and cause all sorts of misintended misguided chaos. I am actually really realistic, bu my other half comes up with some pretty out there stuff.

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Terms of Service. Notable among the attendees at King Vajiralongkorn's ascension was his elder sister Ubolratana.

She posted pictures yesterday Saturday of her hugging the new king in the cloistered halls of the palace hosting his coronation. Another selfie was marked OnceInaLifetimeEvent.


Meanwhile, results of the election due to be released this week point to a victory for the ruling military junta and its prime ministerial candidate General Prayuth Chan-ocha amid accusations of rigging. H is tinkering in the elections are not the only sign King Vajiralongkorn, educated in Britain, wants to leave his own imprint on the monarchy by taking a more interventionist approach to national politics than his father. Since informally taking over the reigns during a period of mourning in October , he has tightened control over royal institutions and political privileges, acquiring new powers to ensure his right to intervene in government affairs, especially during times of political crisis.