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More bonfires do not change immigrants or traders. You only need 1 bonfire There is a maximum of 11 colonists in the game. At present Illness: This is a tough one.

Hero Scroll

Early on it can be very lethal. You have limited illness medicine, and if you run out, it's game over for the colonist. Exception: If you spend 2 life satisfaction points you can be instantly cured! A doctor needs to have at least 1 star skill to provide flu medicine. If the medicine is successfully applied, the flu stage goes down 1 level. IF the level is 0, the colonist is cured!

Bad health and good health can influence the results. Devs have confirmed that the more 'failed' attempts you do, the more likely it is to succeed. Improving immune system How do I get a doctor level 1? A bookshelf allows a character to research every skill. If you nominate someone to doctor, you can right-click the bookshelf and select "Research Medicine".

You'll gain 1 xp every 30 seconds or so approximately.

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All skills can be learned at a bookshelf. Good for farmers during winter! When the experience bar is filled up, you get a point. You can use these points to remove bad traits or purchase good traits. For example: Dumb costs 4 life satisfaction points to remove. One of the options is relax. Devs agree. There maybe more if the game gets legs and they can afford to do the work. Gates for fences or fortifications. Devs acknowledged. A method for colonists to spend money.

A method of inspecting a colonist before accepting the immigrant. Much change happening here. Next update will even give us the option of befriending them. Not only that, but they will also start to wear armour and carry better weapons making them a bigger, stronger foe if you decide to do war! Resource refunding. Devs Acknowledge, with some known bugs. Devs acknowledge. At the moment the best way to deal with this is to create a building with each individual persons armour stand and weapon rack and all armed up in here.

This will satisfy wishes and expectations. But when you click combat mode, everyone will rally to the one barracks ready for combat. Once a body is buried, it is gone forever. At present there is no bad effects from having bodies left out. This may change in a future update. To remove the bodies, in your build menu, under Life, you can build a grave. Once you have a constructed a grave, select a colonist and right click the body and select "Bury".

A grave can be deleted once it has been used if they are taking up space.

Scrolls and Plaques

Again, this may change in a future update Common issues: My colonists are just standing there doing nothing. Check the mini portraits on left hand side of screen.


If they have a yellow background, they are in combat mode. Their only focus is arming themselves and preparing for combat. Turn off combat mode to resume normal behaviour. Click the cog.

Trophy Guide for Fortune and Fate

If the options are 'dark blue' you have nominated zones for harvesting resources. If those areas are empty, then colonists will do nothing. Either disable, or change the resource gathering zone. This is much more common late game. Now nothing is nearby.

A good way to deal with this is to create a shack! Put a bed in their. Assign it to the person. Let them gather.

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