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Similarly, snow can only make things cold because it is its nature to be cold. Experience shows that if I am cold and thirsty, my desires for warmth and drink.

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January 23rd. Godard started today.

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I was at the cinema: Maria is a filling station attendant, Josef a cab driver. January 24th. I presented the first Apple computer in the US: the Macintosh k. January 25th. I opened the grave of the Egyptian pharaon Tutenkhamon.

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January 26th. Today I renamed Petrograd Leningrad. January 27th. Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp. Soviet troops have freed us. January 28th. Cape Canaveral. The US space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after take-off. All seven of us died. January 29th. At the Australian Open in Melbourne I won the semi-finals in three sets: , , January 30th.

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New Delhi. I assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. January 31st. On the site where the market halls were torn down, I opened the Centre Pompidou. After 4 years of construction work one can now admire the six-floor building by the architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. February 1st. Flood catastrophe on the North Sea coast. To me it is the greatest flood catastrophe since the Middle Ages.

The Netherlands and England are affected worst. February 2nd. Sylvia Beach, the editor, has given me the first one for my birthday. February 3rd. Huntsville, Texas.

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I am condemned to death for double murder. Today I am to be executed with an injection of poison around 6 pm. February 4th. Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill and I meet in Jalta. The topic is the distribution of the world. February 5th. February 6th. February 7th. February 8th.

Carson City, Nevada.

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I am condemned to death and will now be executed with cyanide hydrogen. February 9th. Port Arthur. I have begun war against the Russians. February 10th. At the construction site on Leninplatz I have finished taking down the statue of Lenin. There remains a hole in the middle of the square.

February 11th. I have been released after 27 years of prison. February 12th. I arrested the writer Aleksandr Solenicyn in Moscow. February 13th.

After my bomb attacks the inner city of Dresden is completely destroyed. February 14th. Khomeini condemns me to death because of my book. Editors and other people responsible for the publishing of the book are also threatened.

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February 15th. The first part of the Berlin train network under and above ground was inaugurated by me: Bhf.

Writing and Performing Female Identity in Italian Culture

February 16th. I have taken over the office of the premier, which means the end of the dictatorial Batista regime. February 17th. February 18th. February 19th. Together with some British women s rights activists I blast the country house of the British Lord Chancellor.

February 20th. I took my life tonight. First I tried with an overdose of pills antidepressants and 50 sleeping pills but was saved in King s College hospital, where I hung myself 2 days later in the toilets in the middle of the night. February 21st. New York. I murdered Malcolm X during a speech in Harlem. February 22nd. I executed the siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl.

February 23rd. I cloned a sheep at the Roslin Institute: Dolly. February 24th. February 25th.

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Unbloody putsch in the Philippines: I overthrew the president Ferdinando E. February 26th. February 27th. South Dakota. With Indians I seize Wounded Knee with the purpose of claiming our rights. February 28th. Live on TV: I free Kuwait. The Gulf War ends. February 29th. In Sydney, I swim the m freestyle in 58,9 sec. World record.