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Similarly, snow can only make things cold because it is its nature to be cold. Experience shows that if I am cold and thirsty, my desires for warmth and drink.

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Terror at the Uptown Theater: Main Street gets all sorts of haunted for this all-out Halloween event. Uptown Theater, E. Main St. Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, , uptowntheatergp. Do you dare look inside? Games, prizes, and your dogs are welcome to come with you, dressed in their ghouliest garb. Fun activities for the whole family. Also, candy. Music Hitchcock! Costume contest. Double-Wide, Commerce St. Costume contest with prizes for most original, scariest, and most cajun. Lamar Blvd. VIP and open bar packages available, gasmonkeybarngrill.

These guys really take that to heart, dressing to the nines for a special Halloween cover band extravaganza. Check the coiffs on Panic! Lizard Lounge, Swiss Ave. Get them dressed in their Halloween finest for the costume contest in the lobby, then scoot them inside for the main event: a musical pirate-themed hunt for treasure!

Zouk, McKinney Ave. Halloween is here at the Barley House — featuring the sounds of Uptown Strange, which is a band, people. Get your drink specials on, and hey!

List of songs for Rock Band: 305m of PAIN

Win that costume contest. Dress in your RHPS finest and rose tint your world with this special Halloween showing, including an p. Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo! The Genetic Opera, plus a costume contest. Lakewood Theater, Abrams Road, Dallas, , lakewoodtheater.

Now show off that moonwalking pony get-up every chance you get. Drop into The Quarter, where costume ingenuity is always rewarded — and grab a cup of frozen Ghoul-Ade. Just remember, demons are a ghouls best friend. Ginger Man, Boll St. Let Halloween love you back a little at this costume party with cash prizes to reward all your efforts. Old Monk: Dress as an old monk.

Or an old nun. Or maybe get more creative?

Rock Band Network Songs (not all available on PS3)

The Old Monk, Henderson Ave. Maybe the cash you win for your get-up will cover those drinks? BlackFriar Pub: Pull your Halloween plans together, stat. One thing that should definitely be on your list of haunts this weekend: the costume contest at BlackFriar. Mockingbird Lane Ste. LGBT Events Halloween Party at the Block on Cedar Springs: Trick or treat — this is the most fabulous party in all of Dallas, lovelies, featuring thousands of gay, straight or otherwise inclined revelers in their most creative and colorful costumes.

Get yourself to the block of Cedar Springs for all the eye candy you can handle, starting at 6 p. Arrive early for drama-free parking. Plush Dallas, Main St. Dallas, TX, Dallas, , plushdallas. Take a page from St. Aloft Hotel, Young St. Haunted Houses The Boneyard Haunted House: The ideal blend of technology and good old-fashioned scares to get your heart pounding and your mind racing.

Over half a mile of freaky, frightening jolts. Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, p.

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Continues through Nov. The Boneyard Haunted House, E. Division St. Bears Bees Honks and Hoots. Harv Sterriker. Critter River. Avery Liell-kok. Journey to the Centre of My Brain. James Carter. Sprinklers in the Rain: An Exercise in Futility.

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How I Became a Bestseller. Suzie Louis. Purchasing Power. Peter Gikandi. The Worlds of Joe Shannon. Frank M. Jean Paul Zermelo. Tommy Smith. The Hated. Paul Flehr. Paula Guran. Toliman the Barn Owl.

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