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Similarly, snow can only make things cold because it is its nature to be cold. Experience shows that if I am cold and thirsty, my desires for warmth and drink.

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You go, girl. And he got himself rid of the two major obstacles standing between him and Sookie — Jason through glamouring and Niall through banishing to a hell dimension — before the end of the night, so once he gets himself out of Sookie's clutches, he'll be back on top. Also, who knew that Warlow was this hot?! He gets major points for this development, shallow as it may be. Hey, it's True Blood , not Breaking Bad. Jason, the luckiest human being in Bon Temps, was brought back to life by the being we now know to be Warlow.

And since ancient evil vampire-slash-fairy blood gets you good and high, he spent much of the episode working on his pecs good for us! However, he also had some pseudo-sexual fantasies about the guy that revolved around shaving, so that knocks him out of the number one spot. Jason was glamoured into defeat in about ten seconds in that motel room, which cost him one very powerful Grandpa. Something has to go down with him, soon. Eric Ugh, why is True Blood doing this to us? So between this and losing Pam to Vampire Camp, we don't even know who Eric is at this point.

August 15, by Rachel Tsoumbakos.


But will they die? It seems the devil is in the fine print of what TVGuide had to say about the upcoming episode recently:. I will only say this: At least one original cast member will say goodbye for good this week. How interesting is that news? Consolation prize anyone? Perhaps TVGuide are referring to that triangle instead?

They're just universally, eternally, immortally awesome.

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Now, the old titties they gave us this week You asked, and now you know. What do you mean by Meloni being allergic to baby powder, I don't think he is If that that's what you meant. I'm certainly relieved to hear that. Too many good nannies have been lost to fatal baby powder allergies, and I'd hate to think that Chris Meloni was put at such risk everyday on set. It's a horrible, fragrant way to die, and the man deserves better.

But if that's not a problem, everything about his character on True Blood is fine now. As for your almost-liking Tara, My reaction to her being turned was "Crap, now we'll never get rid of her! But think about this: Pam can say "Stfu, Tara," and As a consolation prize, doesn't that sound good? Fair, to middling.

At best.

Sookie Meets Eric Northman First Time ~ True Blood S01E04

I've learned that most shows don't give me what I really want; they only tease me with it, like shooting someone I hate in the head, or stabbing them in the heart, only to bring them back to life moments later. You know me; it's hard being the cheerful positive guy all the time, but I know no other way to be. The True Blood fandom right now is totally ridiculous and off putting. Complaining all the time and only seeing things on the surface You realize how some might think the same about your comment, right? What you call "complaining" is for me having civil discussions in this place which exists to criticize and discuss shows and not just to praise everything.

This is not a fanpage of True Blood. However, I feel that continuing to simply state that the show is now boring and only seeing things on the surface that many have stated to be stupid and not look into before stating that does nothing to suggest True Blood fans as invested viewers. I get many might be frustrated however. And nevertheless, I know the internet is used mostly for complaining and porn, so I shouldn't be so surprised.

Then by all means, explain the greatness underneath the surface.

All I've seen so far is "Don't dislike this show. U guys are annoying and watch nekkid people. Mediocrity continues in another terrible episode. Nothing really happens There's so much talk but no action. I know the first episodes in the season are always kinda of slow but they still had something and were so much better. Everything is just so wrong: the pacing, the fact that now the music is horrible and super cheesy, the new characters are just boring and uninteresting and they're acting is terrible.

He can keep screaming all he wants but it doesn't mean it will make you scary. But seriously, between Meloni, the annoying kid, the Cougartown woman and Salome I don't which one is worse. Meloni is specially stiff and wooden in his performance. Didn't he realize that he wants more out of life like two seasons ago? I was against the idea of letting Tara live but I decide to give them a chance with the storyline. So far, it's been pretty boring and Tara is basically the same old Tara.

She's always blaming others for her problems and complaining about things. Hoyt, seriously? Just kill him off I continue to hope for the best I disagree about what you said about Meloni, his character isn't out of place. His acting isn't forced or lame.

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Perhaps this what his character was written to be like.. Jason got raped by about a dozen women and almost a girl and you are telling me that only now, after having sex with his old teacher, he remembers his sexual trauma? That's plain stupid.

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Please don't tell me True Blood fans are this dumb Obviously you don't understand what happened. Jason having been statutory raped by his teacher didn't know how to process getting gang raped by women, and just now meeting with the person that changed his life is making him realize that although what he felt was physically pleasant, it kind of broke something in him that makes him unable to deal with his emotions without drowning himself in sex and women. No need to get offensive on opinions.

That is what the writers were grasping at rather clumsily, but be civil. Alcide will become pack leader whether he likes it or not with all the responsibilities this entails. Also, we have not really seen him truly revealed in his power. Finally, all the smart people will wait for Lilith to show up before even attempting a serious response. There is no vampire sexuality. Human beings are food or pets. Unless you are in bestiality or have sex with chicken and cattle. Well Pam's opinion and she would know is probably yes. Nosferatu in Fritz Lang's movie is as close a depiction of what a vampire would really look like.

Does anyone sane ever wish to be that? Not me. Also, one has to understand that what makes vampires evil is not that they prey on human beings, but that they deny resurrection. Do you really want to kill your own soul if you believe that it exists? Umm, save for the fact that there's been lots of screen time dedicated to vampires screwing. And the whole Sookie thing. Okay if you mean fictional vampire sex, but I was under the impression that it was a "what if" proposition.

Shiny and New

Still, even us with an active sexual life of say four decades get tired of it after a while, which is the whole point of Jason's sex crash. And if the point is danger sex, then I'd go bareback rather than fuck a vampire. Then again, you seem to have more experience there than I do, so who knows.

Thanks for another insightful and hilarious review!! I was also thinking of Sam and whether he would eventually bill Tara for the TB she drank or cut it from her wages hahaha : 1. Unfortunately yes 2. No, but maybe things will be wierd for a while I think he's more pissed that she lied to him 3. Hero, he's quite hot actually 4. I'm a girl, but the guys answering your review obviously think not : 5. I'm also thinking call for help Hell yes!! BTW, Steve Newlin is hilarious and a breath of fresh air Jason isn't far behind,that guy who is now vampire from 2nd season is a joke If they didn't kill off Tara when she got the back of her head blown off they aren't gonna fry her in a tanning bed.

Of course he won't. He may be mad but it's still Sookie, and it's still every man's duty on this show to protect that "precious fairy vagina". I'm a woman, but I have to imagine that titties have got to get boring at some point It's emo for sure Of course I would. I don't see what's illogical about the vampire bible, at least any more illogical than other old religions. They had an ancient text that describes stuff that hooks into The Torah and the Bible. They think Lilith came first even the Bible recognizes her as coming before Eve and that she was a vampire.

And that the humans were made so she could feed. No, Lilith is not mentioned in the Bible. That's a Jewish thing. Oh sorry. I guess considering how much our old testament "borrowed" from Jewish texts, I figured that was at least one of the stories we got as well.