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Jamaican Escovitch Fish

Escovitch Fish Recipe. The Escovitch Fish Recipe is a traditional Jamaican dish. It is first fried and then covered with a spicy sauce that preserves it. When people did not have electricity, it was one of the most famous dishes to be prepared; as it could be left out for a day or two without spoiling.

What type of fish do you need?

I opted for bell peppers and carrots. I love carrots in this dish. Onions, chayote also called christophene or cho cho are also great additions. You must have a hot pepper in there. It's not escovitch if you don't. Cut it up as small as you can. I used my usual scotch bonnet WITH the seeds. Too hot?

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These vegetables are sauteed and simmered in a sauce of water and vinegar and some salt. Oh, don't forget the bay leaf and thyme. Now it's time to merge the two components together. Layer the veggies on top of the fish and pour the sauce all over. It's not to be dish with a lot of sauce gravy say like the brown stew fish. The sauce should be enough to be soaked up into the fish so that it's moist but not drowning in liquid.

In fact, I usually do not have any type of gravy in the dish with the fish at the end. Some people like to leave the fish to cool to room temperature. This gives the fish some more time to soak in the vinegar sauce. It tastes good at room temperature but I personally like to eat it warm.

Jamaican Food Recipes - Escoveitched Fish, Festival and more

Warm fried fish with these spicy and crunchy veggies, especially the carrots. Crunchy carrots with slight pepper. Did I mention I loooove the carrots? Traditionally escovitch fish is eaten with bammy or fried dumplings, but there are no rules for food. It can be easily paired with any side: mashed potatoes, rice and peas , fried plantains or even hard dough bread.

Jamaican Style Escovitch Fish.

You are free to choose whatever side you like. An easy recipe to make Jamaican Escovitch fish where the fish is fried and then sauced with vegetables cooked in a spicy vinegar marinade. For Vegetables Add oil to bottom of pot Saute garlic, ginger, and bay leaf Add veggies peppers, carrots, onions and any other veggies you are using Saute for about 2 minutes Add water and thyme and leave to simmer for about 10 minutes so that liquid reduces Add vinegar and salt to taste Remove fish from oven and top with vegetables and sauce. Created using The Recipes Generator.

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Ahhh… P. I want this walk home from school…. Fishing boats on the beach near Alligator Pond, Jamaica. In the distance, a bauxite cargo ship sails past Pedro Bluff. Photo by Gerry Manacsa. When you get home, slice up the prettiest veggies you can find.

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Peppers hot and bell , onion, chayote the green thing that looks like it needs dentures , and carrots are traditional. Add the veggies to a pot with vinegar, sugar, salt, water, and all spice. Simmer about five minutes — the veggies should retain some crunch. Rinse the fish off and pat dry. You can rinse it in vinegar, lime juice, or water. Dip each fillet in flour, shake off excess, then fry in hot oil until golden brown. Salt and drain. Serve immediately with a generous pile of the vinegar veggies. Spoon extra vinegar sauce over fish.

Mmmm…sounds great. I love, love vinegar as well Vinegar City, ha!

Escovitch Fish - Jamaican Style

Do you think that you can play around with the vinegars, like use apple cider vinegar? Vinegar on fries in North Carolina makes sense since the main characteristic of their BBQ as opposed to Texas or Kansas City is vinegar, so they probably just have it around and use it on their fries too.

go Well Im happy with this meal…mon! Wonder if keith will taste it or eat it…yay!

The Escovitch Sauce Recipe

I visit Vinegar City often!